Long Haired Dachshunds & English Bulldogs


I am the owner of “Cindy’s Precious Dachshunds”.  I feel very fortunate to know Cheryl and Renee owners of  “C R Puppies”. They make you feel extremely welcome and answer your questions with wisdom from years of experience. Years ago I was looking for quality stud dachshunds to introduce into my breeding program. I was looking for health, temperament and conformation. C R Puppies have exactly what I was looking for. I have brought several of my dams to C R Puppies to be bred over the last several years. We always produce fantastic litters. My breeding program blends exceptionally well with their breeding program. They have experience with natural ties and artificial insemination. They do everything possible to produce a pregnancy. The quality and colors my dams produce with C R Puppies sires is outstanding. I am looking forward to a long business relationship with Cheryl and Renee.


Hello! My name is Amanda and our family purchased a wonderful female English Bulldog, Ellie, from CR Puppies a little over 5 years ago. She is a playful, healthy, and fun loving bulldog. We could not have asked for a better puppy. She was a great addition to our family. These breeders are so caring and since our purchase they have become like family to us. You not only purchase a puppy from them, but you have loving support well after if you need anything.


Panzer is doing great! He has such a sweet and funny personality. He gets along wonderful with his fur siblings and we could not love him more. He is very smart, and doing great with training, he pays attention to everything. Renee  is a wonderful and responsible breeder, you can tell the minute you meet her that she truly cares about her dogs and the breed. Thank you so much for everything!!



I can’t thank Cheryl enough for giving me these two wonderful Dachshunds! Two different litters and both are terrific. I was doubly blessed! Healthy, beautiful and pretty obedient. You can’t go wrong with one of Cheryl’s puppies!                

-Joyce, Teak & Tiny



We are so blessed to have Linus, Lerby, and Hope in our family. Cheryl was very accommodating and caring throughout our entire experience. We couldn’t have more well tempered and mannered pups. Linus, Lerby, and Hope are very healthy, playful, and laid back dogs. They are always up to play, nap, and take pictures. If you are looking for great breeding and fantastic hospitality CR Puppies is your place.


Josh and Lizzie Gaugler